Innovative hotel management

Save energy

Save up to 30% of energy by remotely turning off the heating when the rooms are not occupied.

Optimize your room management

Optimize your room cleaning schedule by knowing from the reception desk which rooms are free.

Easy and fast implementation

Thanks to the wireless communication between the smart objects and your computer, there is no need for building works and the setup at the hotel is very fast.


Smart thermostatic radiator heads
Door and window opening detection
Room occupation follow-up
Lighting management

Your benefits

1. Thanks to the energy savings, you see a reduction up to 30% on your energy bill.

2. Ease of use thanks to one app combining multiple platforms.

3. A tailor made interface to entirely fulfill the hotel’s needs.

4. An easy integration of existing or future smart objects.

5. Improve your company branding by reducing your environmental impact thanks to this innovative solution.

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